Drop-side crib recalls and their subsequent ban

Pursuant to discussions with The Joint Commission (TJC) (formerly the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO)) regarding the recent news about drop-side cribs recalls and their subsequent ban,  they have stated that if the cribs at a facility are not found on the US Consumer Products Safety Commission’s (CPSC) list of recalled cribs, then it can be concluded that they are not part of the recent recall/ban.

Per the US Consumer Products Safety Commission’s (CPSC) new crib safety regulation, all cribs found on the list below are involved in the recent crib recall and subsequent ban. They are organized by date with the most recent first:


Most, if not all, of the cribs involved are for units primarily sold into and designed for day care centers, home care setting, hotel, motels, and the like.  Most of these cribs are sold in the retail setting and are of wood construction.