El Paso Branch Opening!

US Med-Equip seeks to upset El Paso medical equipment market with “data-rich” rental service

Minority-owned business will open El Paso branch location in the coming days and seeks to give hospitals critical equipment management data in a cost-sensitive healthcare landscape

El Paso (July 1, 2015) – US Med-Equip is making a push into the medical equipment market of the greater El Paso region and plan to open a local branch location in the coming days. The Houston-based company is using a business model designed to give hospitals better information for managing equipment expenses through its proprietary mySMARTS online customer portal and the STAR Trax Asset Management System. This data-centric model, rapid two-hour equipment delivery response times and personalized 24-hour customer service challenges the “big-box” companies who have dominated the market for years.
US Med-Equip is already doing business with area hospitals ahead of the coming branch opening. One such customer, Sergio Perez, a Respiratory Therapy Supervisor at Del Sol Medical Center says that US Med-Equip has been “very helpful, the service has been good. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with you guys.”
As hospitals seek to lower expenses across the board, many find that the wealth of information that US Med-Equip provides allows them to lower their total equipment costs. Through the proprietary mySMARTS online customer portal, customers can schedule deliveries and pickups of equipment, receive proactive email notifications for equipment due for preventative maintenance (PM), view information such as a list of current rental items and rental history, service reports for current rentals, PM due reports, online invoices and more.
One of the biggest differentiators for US Med-Equip is the STAR Trax Asset Management System that provides in-hospital tracking services of rented equipment for customers by US Med-Equip staff using passive RFID technology on an as-needed basis. Rental customers can quickly locate equipment that may be missing, on recall, or in need of preventative maintenance, saving valuable staff hours and virtually eliminating the financial risk of losing equipment. Full-time asset management of owned and USME rented equipment with a USME asset manager on-site is also available.
The company recently grew into a new headquarters facility in Northwest Houston in response to rapid growth. The state-of-the-art 31,000+ square foot headquarters, which US Med-Equip calls its “Houston Support Center”, is designed from the ground up as a support facility that gives its branch locations like El Paso and across the country maximum efficiency for their customers.
About US Med-Equip:
US Med-Equip is the most innovative, technology-infused company in its genre, specializing in the rental, sales and asset management of movable medical equipment (MME) for high acuity medical systems. Among the fastest growing companies in the country, US Med-Equip is widely known for its 24/7 personalized attention to customer needs. The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified for its medical equipment management processing system, and offers advanced options for managing equipment rentals and purchases, equipment maintenance and equipment tracking technology.

To ensure customer satisfaction, US Med-Equip offers value-added services such as equity options, flexible payment options, proprietary equipment management software, and RFID tagged equipment. Dedication to patient care and to promoting the healing process is at the core of the US Med-Equip culture and drives daily operations in its 18 locations in 9 states. For more information, visit www.usmedequip.com.