Healthcare Technology Management Article Provides Tips to Prevent Ventilator Failures

US Med-Equip’s director of biomedical service, Steve DuMenil, found an interesting article in Healthcare Technology Management that offers tips to preventing ventilator failures and anticipating ventilator issues that could lead to increased risk for patients. The tips include evaluating how ventilators fit into the hospital’s overall system, frequent testing, consistent monitoring, training respiratory therapists and partnering with manufacturers and dealers to map out a proactive ventilator response program.

US Med-Equip clients have an advantage because the biomed team follows rigorous inspection procedures to prevent the imaging and monitoring devices from failing when in use. By following manufacturer guidelines, thoroughly inspecting each piece of equipment and checking for common fail points like alarms and flow, the equipment is delivered to hospitals patient-ready. Through the SMARTS system, clients also receive automatic preventative maintenance prompts, which helps hospitals comply with Joint Commission standards.

If you would like to talk to US Med-Equip’s biomedical service department about anticipating common fail points on your medical devices please e-mail Steve at