We offer a broad spectrum of movable medical equipment, creative financial options and a fast response time for our customers needing access to life-saving equipment.

Central Supply
Often regarded as the heart of the hospital when it comes to equipment management, the Central Supply/Sterile Processing departments of hospitals are a focused area for the US Med-Equip Team. From providing clean, complete and timely delivered equipment to enabling our customers with electronic tracking systems to manage that equipment, we have provided our facilities with the tools they need to manage their rental inventories. That is why we have become very popular with our Central Supply Managers!

Our offering includes a myriad of infusions and enteral pumps, vital signs monitors, AEDs and defibrillators, hypo/hyperthermia machines, sequential compression devices (SCDs), continuous passive motion devices (CPMs) and suction pumps.

We also provide assistance for those planned or unplanned suctions cleanouts. From a single suction device to hundreds, we are ready to supply enough units to handle your suction clean-out needs. Browse our Central Supply equipment here.

Materials Management
Pressed for time and resources, the hospital Materials Management Departments work hard to provide their facility the equipment they need to operate effectively. Our goals with our Material Management customers are to provide creative solutions to meet their needs and responsiveness and good communication to save valuable time. Our commitment is to provide their hospitals with the cleanest, most patient-ready, most complete, cost-driven movable medical equipment in the market. We know that when we take good care of the material managers, patients will be reap the benefit! Browse our equipment categories here.

Respiratory Therapy / Cardiopulmonary
media coverage bannerResponsiveness and thoroughness are the hallmarks of a good respiratory therapist, so we in turn work to provide the same when servicing our hospital respiratory therapy department needs. Because of the variety of devices and options used in hospital ventilation of patients, we work to profile our customers’ needs prior to our first order.

We strive to provide clean, complete, patient-ready, promptly delivered devices for our Respiratory Therapy/Cardiopulmonary Departments.  Our equipment offerings include oscillating ventilators for infants, infant to adult fully loaded ICU ventilators, transport and portable ventilators, non-invasive ventilation products such as Bi-PAPs, CPAPS and nebulizers, heater/humidifiers, blenders and monitors for EKG/ECG, CO2 and pulse oximetry. Browse our respiratory equipment here.

Small increments mean big steps in the NICU, PICU and Labor and Delivery areas. Slightly stronger heartbeats and a few grams of weight gain are markers for progress for their small patients. A major commitment of the US Med-Equip team is working to meet the needs of our hospital Neonatal, Pediatric Intensive Care Units and Labor and Delivery Departments. We proudly serve the special needs of these patients by providing clean, fast and responsive service. Our offering includes baby warmers, incubators/isolettes, fully loaded ICU monitors, fetal monitors, syringe and multi-channel IV pumps, oscillating and full service ICU ventilators, CPAPs, as well as bassinets and cribs. Browse our NICU/L&D equipment here.

Physical Therapy
We offer one of the most comprehensive rental inventories of continuous passive motion devices (CPMs) in the hospital equipment rental industry. We have various leg CPMs which include normal, extra-long, pediatric and bilateral setups. We also offer other CPMs for the shoulder, elbow, hand, finger and toe. We also provide the associated disposables for these devices. Browse our CPMs here.

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