Hurricane Preparation: How US Med-Equip Can Help


Any disaster can be unpredictable, but the best weapon is preparation. US Med-Equip wants to help you prepare for sudden equipment needs when returning from an evacuation, or when other facilities are evacuating to you.

“No one knows the path of a storm but some things like high winds and high water are inevitable. High winds can mean no electricity and high water and hard rains means unsafe driving conditions,” said Ed Gay, Vice President of Operations for US Med-Equip. “This is why we try to be proactive contacting our rental customers and moving vital equipment to sites further from the vulnerable coastal areas. Once the storm gets less than 24 hours away, the time gets precious. You have to have a plan.”

What equipment will you need us to have at the ready? US Med-Equip works to make extra inventory available for areas with an incoming storm. Call your US Med-Equip Business Development Representative today and ask about getting your US Med-Equip Disaster Response Plan (DRP) on file.

US Med-Equip Team Leader Stephen Stearns who is a eight year veteran of the New Orleans/Baton Rouge territory says, “We have weathered our share of storms in the South Louisiana/Mississippi Area. The most important thing is communicating with our customers proactively when the storm path puts them at risk. We talk before the storm hits.” Stearns says that having a plan with hospitals before catastrophe strikes is crucial.

One hospital central supply director from Lake Charles, La., mentioned that, “We were here for Rita…we evacuated all of our patients, but we were preparing for when people got back.” In the event of a disaster, she calls US Med-Equip and they get the needed equipment on time.

Various hospital administrators shared the same thoughts; check power backup systems and ensure that supplies and equipment are fully stocked. One hospital administrator commented, “Storms bring babies!” In the event of a hurricane, they will proactively contact US Med-Equip to discuss what NICU equipment is needed. They always plan to have enough equipment for the worst case scenario.

If you’re not sure of your Disaster Response Plan (DRP) for getting the equipment needed when it’s needed most, contact your local US Med-Equip representative to get an RDP on file before the storm comes.