US Med-Equip Expands into Nebraska/Iowa Markets and Beyond!

US Med-Equip just opened a new branch in Omaha, NE, servicing customers in Nebraska and Iowa markets. Our growth comes because we are the most innovative, technology-infused company in our genre and work every day to be a resource and a partner for our customers. With the combination of our technology and dedicated personnel, customers continue to come back to us for their most urgent equipment needs.

The technology that we offer customers includes a RFID find feature. With RFID-tagged equipment, US Med-Equip is changing the way hospitals manage their rental equipment by tagging our entire rental fleet with Passive RFID tags. Hospitals now have a tool to quickly and efficiently locate lost or missing equipment.

Customers also enjoy being able to place rental orders and schedule pickups online through the mySMARTS online portal. In addition to online ordering, mySMARTS provides management and tracking information on movable medical equipment at your fingertips. With the ability to assign location information to rental assets, you can track which department has what equipment.

mySMARTS also provides auto-email invoices, proactive email notifications for equipment due for preventative maintenance (PM), current rental items report, rental history, service reports for current rentals, PM due reports, online invoices and more!

We’re excited to be expanding into several new markets over the next two years. Expansion of our rental service area comes naturally as customers get to know our technology and our dedicated staff who never forget that we serve a patient in need!