US Med-Equip Launches RFID-Enabled Asset Management System, Improves Equipment Utilization at Lufkin’s Memorial Medical Center

LUFKIN, TEXAS (May 2012) – US Med-Equip launched its asset management system, STAR Trax, at the Memorial Medical Center in Lufkin, Texas and has increased the hospital’s equipment utilization rate within two years. The innovative provider of movable medical equipment rentals, sales and service, US Med-Equip manages infusion pumps, DVT pumps and portable oxygen at Memorial Medical Center and plans to further increase the hospital’s utilization to 78 percent by the third quarter of this year. The industry average utilization rate is 40-45 percent.

While many hospitals use manual systems for tracking assets, STAR Trax is enabled with RFID technology –a wireless system that transfers data using radio frequencies- and focuses on smart asset retrieval and tracking to help hospitals keep costs low.

Under a manual system, when staff members need equipment that they don’t have on hand, they may have to search several patient floors, a process that takes time and attention away from patient needs. In some cases, hospital staff may tuck equipment away when it’s not in use so that it’s easily accessible to them when they need it. This practice can lead to lower utilization and defer equipment maintenance and decontamination, increasing the risk of hospital-acquired infections.

“Through STAR Trax, we’re combining our knowledge of industry best practices with innovative technology to help hospitals increase utilization and save money at a time when many budgets are being constrained,” said Greg Salario, co-founder and vice president of business development for US Med-Equip. “Patients are US Med-Equip’s first priority and our asset management system allows nurses and doctors to focus on providing outstanding patient care, while we focus on ensuring that they have the equipment they need, when they need it.”

One of the main benefits that STAR Trax provides to hospital management is the ability to see real-time visibility and utilization status reports for each piece of equipment being processed through the system. Additionally, the utilization reports allow C-suite executives to better assess capitalization and gauge inventory.

Management also benefits from STAR Trax’s ability to produce reports on rental assets using SMARTS, US Med-Equip’s proprietary technology system that can generate invoices, create usage and expense reports, track equipment, compile safety and Joint Commission data and prompt management when medical equipment is due for preventive maintenance.

Another advantage of STAR Trax is hospitals’ ability to reduce the amount of lost or stolen medical equipment. Using a robust self learning rules engine, the system recognizes “potentially missing” equipment. Then, using RFID technology, those piece’s of equipment are logged into a scanner and an asset management representative can go to a patient floor to locate them. The scanner will notify the representative if a piece of equipment is located within 10-25 feet, regardless of direct line of sight.

US Med-Equip continues to add capabilities to STAR Trax like the ability to track wheelchairs and remote telemetry units. It will soon be able to send immediate alerts when equipment has been accidently discarded or laundered by housekeeping.

Since the system relies more on technology than manual processes, it is very easily scalable to unique hospital needs and Salario said that US Med-Equip is currently informing other clients of how STAR Trax can specifically benefit their hospitals.

With 12 offices in six states, US Med-Equip is the largest medical rental company in the South Central United States, and was ranked on the 2011 Inc. 500 I 5000 list of the nation’s fastest growing companies. To learn more about US Med-Equip visit

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