US Med-Equip Staff Respond Quickly With Emergency Repair

Every piece of reconditioned equipment that US Med-Equip sells comes with a one year repair or replace warranty, but what happens when equipment needs warranty service in an emergency situation? The answer, US Med-Equip will go above and beyond to ensure that patient care is not compromised and that the equipment is serviced as quickly as possible.

We want to recognize the US Med-Equip team in San Antonio, as well as support center staff that worked overnight and through the weekend last week to help a customer solve a complex issue with a networked patient monitor system under warranty. The call from the customer came in late Friday afternoon that a telemetry system was not functioning. Jay and Johnny with the US Med-Equip San Antonio Branch quickly got the customer some temporary replacement equipment at no charge to make sure that patient care was not compromised until we could repair the system.

Ray, a US Med-Equip Biomedical Equipment Technician at the Houston Support Center was on the phone with Jay Friday afternoon and evening troubleshooting the issue, and ended up driving the three hours to San Antonio to make sure the problem was correctly identified. After working through the night, a rare hardware malfunction was confirmed and Ray quickly worked with the network of US Med-Equip locations on Saturday to find the right part, get it overnighted to San Antonio, and install the component by Monday morning.

The customer was thrilled to have the patient monitor system up and running again without having patient care compromised. The entire US Med-Equip team was proud to have been able to serve the customer’s needs in an emergency situation. This is just one of many examples of how US Med-Equip is dedicated to our customers and the patients they serve.